What You May Have Missed in August…

Perhaps you are returning from your holiday or vacation like I am? If so, you may have missed some of the tips, resources, and tools shared on Teacher Reboot Camp. Many of these resources will help you with the upcoming school year! I apologize that I haven’t kept up with the blog much this month. I was busy getting my CELTA and teaching refugees in Athens. By next week, I will get my act together! 🙂

What you might have missed…

Your favorite posts this month based on comments and overall traffic:

  • Learning Beyond Walls: 21 Skype Resources– One of the greatest tools you can use this school year is Skype! These resources will help you use Skype effectively with your students!
  • Children and Cardboard Boxes-Students are discouraged from using their imagination and creativity in schools. Lecturing and continuous drill work are some of the problems with the education system. Read more how we can transform our classrooms so students continue to create.
  • My Favorite Tech Tools & Resources This Month
    • Wikis– In this post, I share with you ways to make your Wikis more interactive for students. Wikis are free web pages for educators that allow students to edit and work collaboratively through several embeddable tools!
    • Screencast-o-matic– This free screen recorder allows editing, uploading to Youtube, and more! I love this free tool for making video tutorials!
  • Guest Post!
    • To Grade or Not to Grade by Tom King– Tom shares a video of his remarkable Saturn school where the kids excelled without grades! I love listening to the students on the video!
    • If you would like to contribute to this blog, please e-mail me at ShellyTerrell at gmail.com. If you would like to contribute to the 30 Goals Series, please complete this Google spreadsheet.
  • My Guest Posts!
    • Planting Seeds of Belief– In this post on the So You Want To Teach Blog, I talk about encouraging students and educators. Let’s begin to support each other, especially, since educators often are under fire.
    • My Interview at the Linguistic Consultancy Blog– In this interview, I share resources for new teachers, especially those beginning to join educator communities.
    • Thoughts on Education Reform– In this post on the Peoplegogy Blog, I share my thoughts on education reform in response to Will’s thoughts. We disagree on many points and agree on others but I love that we can share different perspectives respectfully.
    • Fighting Those Demons– In this post on the Twitter Exercise Motivation Team Blog, I share my favorite video that inspires me to run. Read more exciting posts to motivate you as an educator to keep fit on this fantastic blog full of various perspectives from a supporting community!
    • Life’s A Carnival: Ed Buzz– This was a great education blog carnival I was happy to be part of and I hope you try submitting a post!
  • My Wikis and Presentations:
    • We Connect– Updated! This is my PLN wiki where you will find several resources, tutorials, videos and more on helping educators join a PLN. Please feel free to use the resources in your presentations on PLNs and social media.
    • Technology 4 Kids– Updated with new Skype resources! Ozge Karaoglu and I developed this wiki to help educators integrate technology effectively for young learners. Read about digital storytelling tools, Glogster, Voicethread, and more!
    • Children’s English classes– Updated! Search by theme for book ideas and games for children ages 4 to 10 years-old.
  • Other NEWS!!
    • I will be presenting at various conferences with many online opportunities for you keep a look out! This month you can watch my webinar presentation at the KU Village Conference featuring other great speakers- Dr. Alec Couros, Steve Wheeler, Alan Levine, Steve Fadden, and Connie Knapp.
    • I write the weekly summaries for Parentella’s #PTChat, the parent and educator discussion, which occurs every Wednesday at 9pm PST.

    Thank you so much for your support of my free 30 Goals Challenge E-book. Over 3000 of you have read it and I am truly grateful! Download your free copy here, print it out, share it with your staff!

    Please feel free to use any of the resources shared here or in the wikis because the ultimate goal is to get other educators involved in our PLN.

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