Challenging Myself In So Many Ways by Deven Black

Part of the series: The 30 Goals Challenge

The first time I read through Shelly’s list of thirty challenges I was ticking off the ones I’d already accomplished. Great.
Then I took another swing through and looked at the ones I’ve yet to accomplish.
That list looked familiar.
And large.
And scary.
And then I volunteered to write this guest post. I thought that, at least, would be easy and move another challenge into the accomplished column.
This is my 11th draft.
So much for easy.
Wait, I just accomplished another one. Eleven drafts gets me through the challenge to stay focused (#29).
And if I ever get this finished and published I can cross off number 9 (be a guest blogger).
But the point of challenges is not just to accomplish them once and punch your ticket at the corresponding number. There’s more to it than that.
Facing a challenge is supposed to change one, to make one stronger, smarter, more fun, or less fearful.
Facing a challenge, even a simple one like showing appreciation, can be a profound experience, should be a profound experience, if one takes the time to reflect on its meaning.
Even the challenge to “have a bit of fun” (#21 for those keeping score) will make a difference to those who require a challenge to actually go out and do it when they realize they can have fun when they decide to.
Okay. I am one of those people.
That is why I’m sitting here alone writing on a warm Saturday night in a lively town in which there is plenty to see and do, some of which is bound to be fun, at least more fun than this.
To actually go out and have the fun I’d have to conquer the fear that I am not a fun person when all the evidence (sitting here alone on Saturday night not having turned down a single invitation to do anything, for example) seems to indicate that I am.
All of which brings me to the challenge that I actually signed up to write about: #8 – What’s Your Personal Theme Song.
Is the fact that I don’t have a personal theme song and can’t seem to think of one more evidence that I’m not a fun person?
Many of you know me. Help me find a theme song. Suggestions can be posted as replies to this.
Oh wait! I’ve just done #s 7, 11, 12, 20 and 28.
Why did I think this would be hard?


Photo on 2010-06-13 at 23.15I am a middle school special and general education social studies teacher in NYC. I started teaching at age 50 after doing a large variety of different jobs. On Twitter I am @spedteacher and I blog at Education on the Plate!
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