I have been debating on writing this post for awhile, because this is a completely new experience for me. I have had life-changing news recently and couldn’t decide how to let you know. How much do we reveal? How much is too much? What is the correct way to approach this situation? Should I even let you know? These are all questions I have been struggling with.
I didn’t begin my social media journey until a little over a year ago. I started using Twitter on April 8th and I hadn’t used it much till May 2009. At this time I started my blog as well. The reality is social media and my Personal/Passionate/Positive Learning Network (PLN) are now a huge part of my life. In the past year, I have traveled to 8 different cities and 7 countries to meet members of my PLN. Therefore, I feel quite close to many and feel as if I have some incredible friends. Many of you have communicated with me weekly through Skype, Ning, Twitter, Facebook, this blog, and more. Many of you have been completed challenges like the 30 Goals with me. Therefore, I feel I should explain my absence a bit in the last week. I haven’t posted for over a week and that is unlike me. I apologize.
I have come onto a fork in my life’s journey and within the next two months I will be leaving my beloved Germany for other places. The future is still unknown and I have just been dealing with this shock of packing up and moving and dealing with illnesses from my family members. This is all I feel comfortable revealing now. Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and friendship this year. I will get my act together soon and this blog will continue to strive towards the goal of reforming education by providing teachers with resources, pedagogy, knowledge, experience, and most importantly, the desire to continually learn and improve themselves. As a community we provide this together.
In the meantime, please share any experience you have of undergoing trials in your life and dealing with the social media aspect of your life. I would appreciate the experience.