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Currently, I am attending the TESOL Greece conference and presenting on Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). I have learned so much from my PLN that I have decided a personal challenge for me for 2010 is to persuade other educators to engage in a PLN. I passionately believe this would change the face of education.

Passion, a funny creature…..

Perhaps, you will understand what passion does to you? It makes you do crazy things like poor your heart and soul into ambitious tasks. I love what I am doing and I may only persuade less than 10 teachers this year to gain a PLN, but in my mind that is 10 more who will persuade maybe another 10 more. I believe in starting movements even if they are small in nature, because a ripple can have an enormous impact. I have been fortunate that many of you have helped transform my ripples into incredible endeavors. First, over 1200 educators followed the 30 Goals Challenge and shared your experiences. Then I received over 60 video clip entries in less than a week on this PLN video project that is continuously evolving. I will continue to make more videos so please do not feel your entry will not be included. If you send one, I will make it part of the project. Perhaps, a video series that we can each decide to share with our schools?


My presentation is Sunday, therefore, I found I have run out of time. Please, forgive me for not including posts for the Cool Sites series and What Did They Tweet series. In the future, I will plan better. However, please enjoy upcoming guest posts and visit their blogs. I will be back again next week and catch up on replying to your comments. You may want to also visit the We Connect wiki and contribute to its growth. In this wiki, I will be posting the PLN videos and will include a few changes to make it look more like the collaborative effort this is. I need more entries in every subject. Feel free to include your posts on these subjects.
Welcome the guest bloggerss and contribute to the We Connect Project.

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