Creativity in Education by Leonor Cristina Santos

Part of the series: Global Issues in Education

The 21st century is to content creators what the industrial revolution was to factory workers.
The demand for creative thinking is both a challenge and an opportunity.
Sometimes failure is an essential element of deep practice. Next analyze your errors, noting exactly where your performance didn’t match your ideal. Now try again. You’ll probably fail (remember that’s a good thing) but you’ll fail better. In Samuel Beckets’ words, “Who I was, who I wasn´t.” Meaning what?
Meaning I’m not what’s being said in the highest praise or the highest criticism.
People want three things simultaneously from your next endeavor: They love what you did, so
they want more of that. But they also want it to be totally different, because you have to show
that you’re reinventing yourself. And they want it to be better. So, no pressure there.
Done and done.
I am creating content to use in class and I really want to tell this story. I just have to give
myself permission to hope that my readers will grow up with me. I am learning here on Twitter and on Facebook.
Sometimes it is really hard because it is a lot of information, always being updated and I have to
cope with that. But if there is one thing I learned is that daring is the key. So learn, select, connect, recreate, create and share.
Creativity will come out as a mix somehow. Students will appreciate that and they will feel inspired to do the same even at home on their own. That’s my experience.
Here are a few views on creativity….

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