What Did They Tweet?

February’s 2nd edition of the What Did They Tweet weekly series!

Let’s see what our Personal Learning Network (PLN) tweeted about in education and social media this week.

Mashable’s TED Channel

@Luis2010 posted Mashable’s news that they now have a TED channel. Through the channel, I discovered Isabel Allende’s beautiful video about the power of passionate people.

Infographic: Real-World Applications of the Elements

@Angelamaiers shared this incredible infographic about the real world applications of the elements. Find more information about this infographic on this blog post. The entire infographic can be viewed and magnified to share with your students. Do you know which of these elements is used in toothpaste?

METC Presentation: Extreme Lesson Web 2.0 Makeover

@SYWTT tweeted this post by Angela Maiers who presented at the METC Conference this week. In Angela’s post, Live Stream at METC, she provides several resources to follow the great presentations. One of these is METC’s SlideShare channel where I found Darren Kuropatwa’s presentation, Extreme Web 2.0 Lesson Makeover.

Opportunities for Educators

Below is a list of great opportunities for free resources, webinars, and more:

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What was your best find on Twitter this week?