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I invite you to contribute to my ongoing series entitled, “Global Issues In Education.” In this series, I have invited educators from across the globe to describe for us the educational systems in their countries and delineate the various challenges they face in helping their students achieve academically. Initially, I focused on the educational technology issues. However, some of the educators faced additional issues that were very dear to their hearts; therefore, I have changed the focus to general issues. This series will give you a rare chance to step into another educator’s shoes in another country. You will be able to explore what unique problems these educators try to overcome daily. You may also find they face the same challenges you do! Either way we will journey together to classrooms we will never step a foot into in our lifetimes. The experience will be very rewarding.

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Currently, I have invited nine educators from nine different countries to participate in this series. If you noticed your country is not represented or you would like to write about another challenge you faced teaching in one of these countries, please feel free to contact me:

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