PLNs, Where Do We Begin?

Recently, I did a technology training workshop via Skype to teachers in Michigan. I have to thank Dave Sapp, a wonderful technology specialist, for this opportunity. I am located in Germany so I really enjoy doing Skype training with people from all over the world. The topic was PLNs. I began by directing each of […]

My Favourite Tools by Alexandra Francisco

Part of the Cool Sites weekly series! Like most of us, I have only just recently (about a year ago) began to use web2.0 tools in my classes. It wasn’t easy at first. There is a myriad of tools at our disposal and new ones keep emerging at such speed that it’s enough to make […]

Importance of Community

You are part of my community! Everyday, I am blessed that you: share with me, tweet with me, read these thoughts, collaborate with me on projects…. support and inspire me! Some of you are up for the 2009 Edublog Awards. Congratulations! Several of us participate in various communities, because we love to share and learn. […]

Lessons Learned From Great Educators!

While completing my masters, I ran across research noting that teachers’ instructional styles are influenced by the way they were taught. My favorite teachers definitely helped mold me into the teacher I am today. However, I was also heavily influenced by watching what I call “ineffective” teachers. These were teachers who would call students stupid […]

What Did They Tweet?

2nd week of December edition! The countdown till Christmas is coming! Here are some gifts I found on Twitter. You can find more in this weekly series, What Did They Tweet? Educators Learning to Change Video @Ejulez shared this video tweeting, “We have to accept as educators that technology is not a choice.” I think […]

Reboot with Twitter by Sean Banville

Guest post by Sean Banville The very clever name of this blog inspired me to write a post for it. It’s one of the greatest discoveries I’ve made on Twitter – not least because of its selfless owner Shelly Terrell. ‘Reboot Camp’ is a fitting metaphor for what many of us feel we need in […]

Most Teachers Don't Live There…

While taking time to edify myself by reading some intriguing posts by those in my blog roll, I came across this comment: “For teachers who spend time there, blog-tweet world is like King Solomon’s Mines, full of riches and constantly replenished with new ideas and links. But most teachers don’t live there. This is sad […]