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Each week I tweet several links to new tools I find through the blogs I subscribe to and read! Often, other members of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) will also find these links and provide examples. The best way to share these cool tools, lesson plans, and materials is to post them in a weekly series! If you enjoy this new series, you may want to subscribe to receive regular updates, leave a quick comment of how one of these tools helped you, tweet this, or share this series with your PLN through your RSS reader or Delicious account.

Multimedia Sites

Made up Memories is a site for students to insert their photos into several video adventures. Students choose an adventure such as skydiving, starring in a fairytale, or being a superhero! Mary Beth Hertz was super cool to help me out by creating a skydiving video! Students could create stories about these adventures and post them in a blog or wiki. This site is also very easy for English language users.

My Movie Moment, which I learned about from Ozge Karaoglu, the links queen on Twitter, works the same way with students inserting their photos. However, students get to choose from a variety of video clips from famous movies. Several of the movies they may have never watched and many are not PG so you have to use careful filtering with this site.

Earth Touch provides hi-definition video documentaries of nature. Think of this as the Discover Channel in your classroom!

Build a Jam will let you create and edit music collaboratively. Students sign-up for free and create a band. Then they upload mp3 files created on Audacity or Garageband. This web site could be used to create original music for podcasts, videos, or web sites. However, the teacher has limited possibilities of monitoring which music the student listens to and this could be a problem.

Literacy Sites

Pan Raven is a free site for creating digital stories. Students can use video, music, photographs, and text to create books or stories! Furthermore, the site offers photo editing tools and ways to share the story in a blog! This is another great site for English language learners. Check out Kaleigh Irwin’s Sixth Grade Summer Vacation digital story below!

Storybird is another site that offers students a way to create collaborative digital stories. To find out more information on this tool check out these blog posts. I recommend subscribing to these blogs like I have!

Read Print is a library of free online books and poetry for students and teachers.


Use one of these sites to improve a project for the school year!

Shelly Terrell

Shelly Sanchez Terrell (@ShellTerrell) is an award winning digital innovator, an international speaker/consultant, and the author of Hacking Digital Learning with EdTech Missions, The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers, and Learning to Go. She has trained teachers and taught English language learners in over 20 countries as an invited guest expert by organizations, like the US Embassy, UNESCO Bangkok, Cultura Inglesa of Brazil, the British Council in Tel Aviv, IATEFL Slovenia, HUPE Croatia, ISTEK Turkey, and Venezuela TESOL. She has been recognized by several organizations and publications as a leader in the movement of teacher driven professional development as the founder and organizer of various online conferences, Twitter chats, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Two of the projects she co-organized were shortlisted for ELTons, #ELTChat and the Virtual Round Table Language and Technology online conference. She was named Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women, awarded a Bammy Award as a founder of #Edchat, and named as one of the 10 Most Influential People in EdTech by Tech & Learning. Her greatest joy is being the mother of baby Savannah and Rosco the pug. Shelly has an Honors BA in English with a Minor in Communication and a specialization in Electronic Media from UTSA, a Masters in Curriculum Instruction ESL from the University of Phoenix, and a CELTA from CELT Athens. She regularly shares her tips for effective technology integration via Twitter (@ShellTerrell),, and on her blog,, which has won several awards and recognitions as one of the top ESL, Edtech and Elearning blogs. Find over 400 of her slide presentations at


  1. Shelly,
    I always like your “What did they tweet?” series!! You really find great tweets that I’ve missed. Thanks for sharing with us.
    MadeUpMemories has become my favourite,how did I miss that!!!
    Great read,
    Thank you =)

  2. Another great post, Shelly!

    Am really loving this series! I discover so many useful and interesting links through your blog that would have otherwise passed me by!

    Thanks for sharing them, & keep ’em coming 🙂

    • Sue and Ozge,

      You two are very supportive and wonderful! You truly are gems! Thanks for the comments. I’m hoping to get Ozge to do a series on links as well because she finds so many great ones!

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  4. Great site and post! My most recent favorite tool is xtranormal! The students instantly took to the site and have wanted to use it with everything we’re doing – from booktalks in reading to presentations in social studies.

    Keep up the great work!

    -Mr. Lund

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