What Did They Tweet? 8/17- 8/22

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If this is your first visit, then I invite you to check out the rest of this weekly series, What Did They Tweet?, in which I post some of my favorite tweets, which either are thought-provoking or provide useful educational technology links. Click on the images to see the original tweet and add these individuals to your Personal Learning Network (PLN). Moreover, you will find links and snapshots of their blogs by clicking on their names! If you enjoy this series, you may want to subscribe to receive regular updates!

Why Twitter?

As you tackle a new school year, several educators will ask you this question. People in my PLN weekly share useful information to help answer this question. Candace Townsley (@GiftedTeecher) provided a link to Christine Morris’ post on using Twitter as a teaching tool for her college class. Christine provides tips to motivating students to use Twitter and the opportunities Twitter provides for real time research. She also discusses the obstacles she faced and offer tips for improvement. Check out Candace Townsley’s blog!

Mark Oehlert (@Moehlert) provided a unique way to use Twitter when giving presentations. Several conventions, workshops, webinars, seminars, and conferences are using hashtags for Twitter. After giving a presentation, check the hashtags and analyze what your audience really grasped from the event. What a fantastic idea! Encourage your audience members to tweet during the discussion. Not only does this get you publicized, but your audience will remember the majority of your points. Mark Oehlert provides more great advice in his blog!

This tweet by Crista Anderson (@cristama) I thought would fit nicely on a coffee mug! Visit Crista Anderson’s blog for more of her witty reflections! Often, I do get sidetracked by the thought-provoking discussions or useful links providing by my PLN. However, as Nancy Blair (@Blairteach) points out, “At least it’s productive procrastination.” With this tweet series, I have to say I am definitely being productive with my tweets. Visit Nancy Blair’s blog for more of her great insights!

A Video Inspiring Global Collaboration

This summer I participated in several global collaborations and established relationships with educators in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Australia, Japan, France, and the US. For this reason, I had to share the Matt international dance video tweeted by Isabelle Jones (@ICPJones) and Michael Fawcett (@TeacherNZ), which is more than inspiring! Matt began a video dancing in several countries. Sometimes he asked people to join him. Check out Isabelle Jones’ blog!

Michael Fawcett joined other educators from New Zealand to create their own dance video, which were inspired by the Matt videos. The video collaboration was fun and inspirational that I had to include the actual video from the website as well! Check out Michael Fawcett’s class blog for other amazing projects he does with his students!

Cool Link for the School Year!

Have you ever wondered what your students can do with the various Web 2.0 tools you learned about this summer? Larry Ferlazzo gives inspiration by providing you with a link, which demonstrates how his students use several of the Web 2.0 tools he tweets and updates daily on his blog! Larry’s post provides categories of Web 2.0 tools and lists the best student projects under each category. For additional examples of his students’ amazing work you may want to visit his English website!

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