Making Global Connections

No doubt I love Twitter for meeting new people and planning collaborative projects. However, I often run into the problem that most of the incredible people I meet on Twitter I would like to know much better.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just share a cup of coffee with them at a nice cafe or enjoy a nice chat on a swing set?

Second Life has provided me with this opportunity! Through Second Life I have been able to establish relationships! This stage is what I call the next step in developing a strong Professional Learning Network (PLN) by establishing relationships. A mentor of mine when I was a child used to say, “Involvement equals stick-ability.” If you do not want to lose touch of your PLN then you need to involve yourself in their projects, discussions, and build relationships.

Second Life and your PLN

I think educators underestimate the value of Second Life for making real connections and for professional development. You get to really know a person’s humor, personality, and idiosyncrasies while traveling to new worlds and interacting with the sims. I have met some adventurous educators who are not afraid to have fun and are extremely dedicated to their jobs. I am frequently amazed by what I learn about what incredible feats they have mastered in their classrooms and the incredible skills they have developed. For example, a majority of my Second Life companions speak at least two if not more languages. Moreover, several are bloggers, have explored various countries in real life, and have been published in magazines and journals. They teach beyond walls and are extremely dedicated to their families.

If you are ready to establish relationships, then you may consider joining the SLife is Life Ning. We continuously educate teachers on the use of Second Life for educational purposes. Twice a month, Aniya (the English Teacher) and I will host a free Newbie Teacher Second Life Field Trip for those who want a guide into the strange virtual world! Join our Ning to keep updated with events! As you can tell in the picture above we visit several educational sites and attend professional development classes and seminars. Additionally, we have a lot of fun afterward and socialize. The socializing part is optional. Our next huge event will be Aniya’s birthday bash on Second Life on Saturday, August 29th!

Visit Second Life’s Life

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Make goals to connect with someone from a different continent or school.

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