10 Second Life Resources for the Classroom by Karen Schweitzer

Some of the world’s most prestigious colleges, universities, and schools use Second Life in the classroom. This virtual world makes it easy for students to learn and collaborate online. Second Life has also been used as a distance learning tool. If you are interested in integrating Second Life into your classroom, there are many different online resources and tools that can help. Here are 10 that would work particularly well for educators.
Real Life Education in Second Life – This Second Life Group was created for educators and academics that use Second Life in the classroom. Anyone can enroll in the group to learn more about Second Life education, events, and collaboration opportunities.
Second Life in Education Wiki– The Second Life in Education Wiki provides an overview of how Second Life can be used in education. It also offers tips on getting started with Second Life and resources that can be used with virtual worlds.
Second Life Case Study– This education case study details the New Media Consortium’s experience with Second Life and demonstrates how this virtual world can impact the academic experience. The case study also offers information about best practices in Second Life.
Second Life Intro– This blog offers a comprehensive introduction to Second Life in education. The intro is great for teachers who need a little help planning initial lesson plans and classroom activities.
Sloodle– Sloodle (Simulation Linked Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an open source tool that works with Second Life and Moodle. Sloodle enhances the Second Life user interface with a toolbar, web intercom, presentation author, and other tools.
BlogHUD– BlogHUD is a blogging tool specifically for Second Life users. It can be used to blog from Second Life and cross post to other blogs and online accounts.
Sloog– This bookmarking tool allows Second Life users to bookmark and tag their favorite places and avatars. Saved items can be accessed within Second Life or from a web browser.
Twitterbox– Twitterbox is a Twitter client for Second Life. It can be used to send and receive Twitter messages and updates from the Second Life environment.
SLBuzz– SLBuzz is a Second Life Community for users who want to browse profiles, post photos and snapshots, search for upcoming events, and network with other SLBuzz members.
Second Life Cheat Sheet– The Second Life cheat sheet is the perfect desktop companion for students and teachers who are just getting started with Second Life. The sheet covers general information, movements, communication, views, and advanced menus.
Karen Schweitzer
Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the About.com Guide to Business School. She also writes about online colleges for OnlineColleges.net.