Guest Profile: Thomas Whitby on Parental Involvement Part I

In a time when only 10% of Twitter users actually interact with the people on their Twitter streams, Thomas Whitby is a Twitter revolutionist. Tom manages to do what very few do on Twitter, which is engage many of his nearly 1000 followers in thought-provoking discussions. What is Tom’s secret?

  • Yes, he frequently retweets.
  • Yes, he frequently posts useful links.
  • Yes, he interacts with his followers.
  • More importantly, he tweets his opinion and asks his Personal Learning Network (PLN) to consider their own opinions.

I recently asked Tom to write his thoughts on parental involvement after the following tweet sparked conversation among the Twitter streams and my readers.

Tom Whitby's Tweet

Tom is well known for tweets like this, which have the ability to ignite real change in schools.

What if every school held a parent educational technology workshop?

Just imagine if every one of us went to our school administrators and asked them if we could hold a free workshop for parents on the educational technologies we want to use or do use.

  • Would parents begin to support measures to equip the school with various technologies?
  • Would parents put pressure on administrators and politicians to approve funding for technologies?
  • Would parents put pressure on leaders to allow various technologies in schools?
  • Would parents donate spare computer parts or computers to the classroom?

These are just some of the possibilities derived from a great idea in a 140 character tweet!

Supporting His PLN

When Tom is not tweeting, he spends time promoting his (PLN) by sparking more in depth conversations on the several LinkedIn educational groups he founded. These are free to join and full of lively conversations and educators who believe in improving the system.
Below is part of Thomas Whitby’s LinkedIn profile:

Thomas Whitby's LinkedIn Profile

To visit his complete LinkedIn profile, please click here! Please stay tuned for Tom’s upcoming words of wisdom on parental involvement in the next post! Tom has a lot of experience in the educational field and a lot of useful advice for educators to ponder!

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